Rupees devaluation causes

As you are aware of our country is going through big economical crisis and will be more bigger as time passes. Do you know what are the main causes of this directly i will say “we are………” since we did not care about our home industry, we did not believed on swadeshi concept are the main causes of loosing our significance on the world map. Actually this is the concept which can save any country not only india from even a crucial economical crisis and almost all countries in the world have provision to identify their own manufactured product so that they can contribute to their country economy but here in india we don’t have a single way to identify swadeshi product .
So,how can you say that we will overcome the economical crisis absolutely not unless we have correct and direct option to indentify swadeshi brands so that people can easily remember them follow them by this way only  we can save our home industry as well as our economy and freely falling values of our currency rupees.

But you can not expect this from our politician they are not born for that and if some politician want to take step like Mr. Atal Bihari Vajpayee took has to compromise with the situation and that retards them and this is  because of our previous ploticians mistake like nehru,indira and many more did i will not describe you in detail here just i am telling you to fully accept swadeshi to save your nation and to know swadeshi products you can visit our website http://www, a swadeshi shop having identified store of swadeshi products.

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