Swadeshaj an online swadeshi store with 1000+ swadeshi goods

The sole reason to start swadeshaj is to stop rupees devaluation by creating awareness of swadeshi product among the indian people so that they can practicise to use swadeshi product in order to pull indian economy.
Swadeshaj is actually a germinated thought of  Shri Rajeev Dixit and it is you to take care of your country.

Swadeshaj an online swadeshi store with over 1000+ items currently to fulfill almost all the need for your daily life.To list swadeshi products on our site we do complete google about their company ownership currently and ownership is our main concern then also if you feel that we made mistake in listing you can suggest us the right information so that we can update it for upcoming nationalist to our site as well as to improve our team information.

As you already know that we are presenting you the germinated thought of bhai Rajiv Dixit but we aologize to you that the product listed on the site can not be called as complete swadeshi.Some of them can be called as deshi only so what you should do is give preference to swadeshi then deshi and if you dont get deshi option then you can go for videshi.Here on swadeshaj i am trying to give you atleast deshi alternative in almost all the consumer section.

Swadeshaj is mainly a swadeshi shopping cart for the people ease to buy all swadeshi products at single place and once again i want to tell you it that here we all swadeshi brands product only so i did my part rest is up to you ….Just i request you to use only product listed here for the country welfare and rest is up to you. So,Next time you bite corn produced in Australia, oranges raised in California and apples from god knows where,think deeply whether as a nation we can afford this. Maybe middle class and upper middle class consumers can afford these imported fruits at an individual level, but certainly not as a nation.

Instead of exporting manufactured goods, India has become an importer of raw materials. A good example is coal that is imported into the country for fuelling thermal power stations. This is in spite of the fact that India sits on reserves of billions of tons of coal reserves. India spent $18 billion in coal imports in the last fiscal year 2012-13. This is by no account a small sum.

But while exports did not go up, imports of not only coal and petroleum products (valued at $169.25 billion in the last fiscal year) but other consumer goods also went up. I think this quite sufficient to describe you in short time span for more you can visit our website swadeshaj.com

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