Pathmeda the world’s largest Gaushala of pure native Indian Cows

The word ‘gaushala’ is a sanskrit words which means cow protection as the place where cow are sheltered and pathmeda gaushala is a biggest name this time for cow protection has 2 lac+ desi cow(indian cow).It is famous for its traditional cow care, the Pathmeda trust has over 72 branches in the states of Gujarath and Rajasthan. In the main branch in Pathmeda, the Goshala houses over 10,000 cows.It is also known as Anandvan Pathmeda is a Holy & Pleasant land of India which was selected for grazing & wandering place for milk giving, courageous, gentle & brahmaswaroopa cows by Lord Krishna while he was going to Dwarika from Kurushetra. In 1993 a National Creative Goseva (service of cows) campaign was started from anandvan pathmeda godham to protect the descendants of Kamdhenu, Kapila & Surbhi cows from atrocity which had been occuring for twelve centuries.The Gauseva administration committee took first initiative to set up “Shri Gopal Govardhan Gaushala Shri Godham Mahatirth” with expectation of representing hinduism.

pathmeda gaushala
pathmeda gaushala

Nowadays Pathmeda has created a distinct mark in protecting deshi cow and this success is not only due to dedication of the active member of pathmeda but also with the dedication of cow devotees and saintlike gentleman donation as well.According to our ancient economic researcher they realized the importance of deshi cow and gave almost all the solution prioritizing the deshi cow to all human problem including health and foods and it is said that “Goamye lakshmi vasati gaumutre dhanvantari” means gomay(cow dung) has all the sollution to save your economy where as gaumutra can be used as medicine in almost all the diseases human suffer with.And pathmeda work with the same consideration as our ancient ayurveda said.Pathmeda gaushala working hard and preparing a wide range of pathmeda products to take this concept to new height and spread their foot all accross the country and this could happen without support of cow devotees.So, your supports are alway valuable to pathmeda

The specialty of the Goshala is the personal care that they offer to many sick and disabled cows. Though only 350 cows are milk-yielding cows, the trust is ensuring quality care for the cows. Inspiring the villagers to take care of cows, each cowherd is given responsibility of 50-60 cows and one milking cow is also given for his maintenance. Nowadays Pathmeda Goshala also manufactures many cow products like Gomutra arka, Ghanvati, churna and several personal care products like bath soap,shampoo,cosmetic cream etc and you can buy all pathmeda products online directly from Setting a wonderful example of cow protection this Goshala is indeed an inspiration for the world to follow.This great constructive national wide great campaign of saving & serving of indian cow which by the sponsorship of “Shri Godham Mahatirth” to get the gratifying successful outcome as with great clarity & understanding is designed & approved by great scholars & learned people into 9 steps which are as follows: 1) COW PROTECTION. 2) PANCHGAVYA UTPAD ((1) milk, (2) curd, (3) ghee, (4) urine and (5) dung.) . 3) COW REPRODUCTION. 4) COW CARE. 5) SATSANG (SPIRITUAL PREACHING) 6) SWASTH (HEALTH) 7) SATSANSKAR (GREAT RITUALS & CULTURES) 8) KAMDHENU VIDYALAYA (SCHOOLS) 9) SWAVALAMBAN (SELF – HELP)


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    January 4th, 2017

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  • sanjay kshirsagar (#)
    June 17th, 2017

    Please inform detailed address of Pathmeda Gaushala I want to visit to purchase products

    • admin (#)
      June 20th, 2017

      Shree Godham Mahatirth Anandvan Pathmeda Teh: Sanchore Distt: Jalore (Raj)
      Pin: 343041

  • Rakesh malviya (#)
    August 21st, 2017

    i want to do panchgavya training. do you provide training?

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