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 made in india products
made in india products

Here i am not gonna restrict you to use foreigner technology because we accept and have to accept that this time we are lacking in technologies in several fields because it was not our area of research from the past but now the thing has changed and india taking saveral initiative to update technological skill in almost all the sector from small to large scale technologies which has became the main concern of whole world and the situation came that we can not live without technology. There are lost of success written by ISRO,DRDO,CSIR,BARC and lot more and in order to support and promote these Research team country need to add funds and to add fund we need to save and create fund and in order to create and save fund we have to stop the outflow of our national wealth which ultimately require to you prefer swadeshi product over foreigner products.

We are not in the side to keep india disconnected from the world.But we need to keep eyes on our packet(national wealth) before making connection to the world .We specially focus in FMCG section which doesnt require any technology also called as zero technology products.This zero technology products must be indian .We should not only check weather the product is made in india but we should also check weather it is made by india(made under india ornership) .If you want to see all made in india as well as made by india product at one place then you must visit swadeshi product list .and if you like to all indian company at one place you can directly check out the link swadeshi company list .Prefering swadeshi products means giving preference to smaller firm Now we have some big indian business tycon like Reliance/ Tata / Videocon / Bajaj/Godrej which we can proud of. These all have foreign presence for some of their products. Dr. Reddys and other Indian drug companies have built an international reputation in the generics market. Airtel runs mobile networks in multiple countries.Companies like Reva and Zoho have built a global reputation by being early movers in a niche market.

We have great time to boom our national economy and it cannot be done only by prefering made in india products but also made by india products as well. Tt has been a great concern of our Prime Minister Mr. Narendra modi who has strictly instructed ministries to give preference to domestic products(made in india products) in the year 2014 specially in electronics goods and focused on chip level developement.Then after he started the campaign Make In India which ultimately will increase the country economy.Following swadeshi has been an 80 year old concept and was main concern of our freedom fighter at that time there were only few companies to loot india but now in india we have almost 8000 foreigner company doing the same which ultimately couse economy loss as well as currency devaluaton.

Finally i will request to give preference to swadeshi specially in FMCG. Swadeshi means creating national health and wealth.

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