Panchgavya Ghrit Uses & Benefits

Panchgavya Ghrit is the output of herbal formulation made on five important products obtained from cow like their urine, dung, milk, ghee and curd. This formulation has liver protecting, anti-epileptic, anticonvulsant and blood purification properties. Panchagavya Ghrita is mainly indicated in disorders due to problem in the nervous system and diseases of psychological origin.


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Panchgavya Nashika Aushadhi

Pathmeda Panchgavya Ghrit


Therapeutic Uses

  • This Ayurvedic preparation has wide use as medicine as well as in preparatory procedure called snehakarma to treat Neurological and Psychiatric conditions, epilepsy, insanity, fever.
  • Also good in case of liver diseases like jaundice.
  • It is very nutritious.
  • It is good herbal remedy for internal dryness.
  • It can improve weight, luster, and digestion.
  • It also provides relief from constipation.
  • Also strengthens brain, nerves, eyes, rectum and other body organs.


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