Soya Milk Uses & Benefits

It is best alternative for those who are lactose-intolerant and wanted a milk substitute. Soya Milk prepared by soaking, grinding and boiling soy beans with water, is a very nutritious drink. Soya is naturally high in essential fatty acids, proteins, fiber, vitamins and minerals.

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Soya Milk Noida
Soya Milk Noida

Soya Milk Health Benefits:

Improves Heart Health

As soy Milk are rich in proteins which are made of amino acids shown to have a beneficial effect in preventing various health disorders. Isoflavones  content in soy milk reduces serum cholesterol levels in elderly men. It normalizes the blood pressure in type 2 diabetic patients. Thus, intake of soymilk is an effective way of improving cardiovascular health.

Provides Relief from Osteoporosis

Soymilk is extremely helpful in osteoporosis caused by postmenopausal in women. Osteoporosis is a risk for women in post-menopausal years of age. Often known as brittle bones, loss of calcium contributes to the risk of developing this disease.

Improve Lipid Profile

Soya Milk improves blood lipid profile. Soy Milk fat is mostly unsaturated with zero cholesterol where as dairy milk, which is high in saturated fat and cholesterol,  Studies have shown that regular intake of soy can significantly lower you blood concentrations of triglyceride and low density lipoproteins (LDL) and raise the level of high density lipoproteins (HDL). This combined effect makes soy milk an ideal drink if you have high cholesterol or have a family history of coronary heart diseases.

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