Updated list of swadeshi products(indian products)

We are writing this article with consideration that you already know the importance of swadeshi a basic building block of our nation can also called as backbone of the nation.
Here we are not listing only made in india products . which is totally a wrong concept in the people mind for example buying coke or pepsi can not contribute to our country economy even it is made in india.So, what we should look for is to have to check weather product is made under indian ownership or not i.e. if it is totally made by indian then only it will contribute to the country economy .Some of the companies in india focus on assembling the things( specially in electronic like micromax, intex ,lava etc) that also contribute to country economy because we know brands eats money. So, if they assemble and make a brand that can also considered as partial swadeshi because we are not that much efficient to manufacture the things right now .
Main cause to identify swadeshi goods is that if we will be using videshi company products blindly as this time the people are doing our currency will devaluate to a level which can not be lifted and will become like Zimbabwe where they get smaller pack of bread than there currency packet so please identify and give preference to swadeshi companies and swadeshi goods to save your nation as well as to uplift your currency Rupees.
Describing you current situation of our currency.
In 1970 $1 was equal to Rs. 4 ($1 =Rs.4) and
today it’s around Rs. 68 ($1= Rs.68).
So you can see yourself that in
1970 $1 = Rs.4
2015 $1 = Rs. 68
In future it may be grow more.

Above mentioned graph of $ doesn’t mean that dollar is getting stronger instead of this our rupee is getting weaker and only we nationalist can make our currency stronger.  So, If you want to make a big difference and proud of your nation and what bharat to regain their position back then you must give preference to our Indian products( swadeshi products ) specially daily use products. Here we are showing you the updated list of swadeshi company and their products .Go to root site http://www.swadeshaj.com


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    November 21st, 2016

    This weitsbe makes things hella easy.

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