How can swadeshi concept will reach to every family in india?

As we know many people has came forward to spread this concept accross the country but the most successfull person who were able to spread this concept not only accross the country but to every family in  india was Gandhi jee because in his time the people of the nation were very dedicated towards their country

and they were not having such entertaining option like watching lot of serials,cricket, movies,liquor availiablty etc and on that days every guardian use to tell their child towards importance of the nation in their life.

But now a days no body has even time to talk to their child and it is the main scenario which
brought country to a situation where we are loosing all our significance over the world map.
The solution to get our reputation back to the initials is to follow swadeshi in every family.
so, the clue is that to save our nation and to get its previous value every parent has responsiblity to tell their child about swadeshi concepts.

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