What is Bilona Ghee

Bilona Ghee prepared through traditional process of preparing ghee i.e. from curd to ghee process and it is a real ghee that should be used in every home because most of the ghee sold in the market are butter oil. So, we are listing the best Bilona Desi Ghee from the popular gaushala and ayurvedic brands.

Bilona Ghee
Bilona Ghee Preparation Process

Process of Preparation:

  • The very first step is to boil the Desi Cow Milk
  • Leave them overnight so that it get converted to yoghurt
  • In the morning, yoghurt is churned using churner
  • The extracted Makkhan (मक्खन) from the churned yoghurt warmed in vessels to get this medicinal ghee.



We are listing some popular Bilona Desi Cow Ghee widely accepted among the people.

Bilona Cow Ghee Uses and Benefits:

  • It helps to improve digestion and absorption of nutrients.
  • A complete Energy, Vitality and immunity Booster
  • A good memory Enhancer as it Strengthens and nourishes the brain and nervous system.
  • Acts as a Natural Detoxifier and it is widely used in cleansing therapies.
  • Used for cellular rejuvenation.
  • Contains superb anti-inflammatory properties.
  • Heals the intestinal wall.
  • Enhances the health properties of herbs when taken together like Triphala Ghrit, Panch Tikita Ghrit and many others.
  • Healthy alternative to butter and oil which ultimately toxify our body

Effect On Doshas:


Reduces Pitta and Vata dosha.


Kapha imbalanced people are not recommended to use it as it may increase the cholesterol level or obesity.

General Directions:

Desi Cow Ghee can be added to any dish to enhance digestion and absorption of nutrients. Add 1 tsp to each meal or use ghee in replacement of butter or oil in a recipe.

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